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Resource Sharing

INN-Reach and ArticleReach make resource sharing more robust and affordable for libraries and more convenient for library users. It's the best way to virtually expand library resources and speed delivery without a significant investment in new materials or traditional Interlibrary Loan (ILL). By connecting multiple systems in seamless integration, patrons can make direct, online requests for materials. What's more, Innovative's one-touch fulfillment makes it simple to move all kinds of materials throughout a consortium without time-consuming staff intervention.

Libraries utilizing Innovative's resource-sharing system benefit from the services of the Union Databases Department, a specialized team of experts focused solely on the implementation and support of these products. This team remains actively involved throughout the lifetime of the consortium, smoothly coordinating the consortium experience among central administrative staff and member sites, large and small.

We invite you to learn more about INN-Reach and ArticleReach and find out how some of our consortia partners are using these solutions.

I think LINK+ is one of the best services our library offers, and I believe other SSU students, faculty, and staff would concur.
— Raye Lynn Thomas,
Circulation Coordinator
Sonoma State University California
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