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Research Pro

Research Pro is a dynamic and elegant federated-search application that streamlines access to multiple data sources. Full-text databases, digital collections, community information databases, local area catalogs—virtually any searchable, web-based resource the library identifies can be included in Research Pro.

Real-time Searching

Research Pro's real-time searches deliver dynamic status information and display results to users as soon as they are retrieved. No waiting for searches to complete! Persistent-search targets let users refine their search terms throughout a session, and one-click access from result to full-text provides instant delivery upon discovery. For personalized service, users can set up their own resource groups for future searches in My Millennium.

Access Portals

Research Pro gives libraries the flexibility to put access portals to licensed databases where they're most appropriate. You can reach a known group of users with the right combination of resources by placing customized Research Pro search boxes in multiple locations around your website. And local control over the look and feel of our federated search tools means they'll fit right in with your library's existing web identity.

Put it all together and Research Pro's targeted search gives simple and immediate access to complex information, and it's as easy to use as any search engine. With Research Pro, libraries provide the valuable content patrons need with the ease of use they expect!

For more about article discovery, please see the Encore website.

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