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Management Reports

Innovative’s Management Reports elegantly connect any member of the library staff with the information they need. By providing direct access to reports across multiple Millennium modules, users get smooth workflows and tools that are always at hand. Millennium’s integrated architecture makes all types of holdings, metadata, and transaction data available across the entire system.

Create Lists is a powerful custom report generator, accessible from the command screen of cataloging, acquisitions, serials, and circulation—or through Electronic Resource Management or Digital Asset Management modules. A simple menu provides natural language or complex queries of the entire Millennium database, and the ability to retain favorite searches saves time. In-depth, comprehensive searches can be scheduled to occur at off-hours, reducing load on the system for this background task.

Millennium Statistics provides library staff with an efficient dashboard for tracking and projecting statistical trends. Like Create Lists, it allows staff to query any record type—bibliographic, check-in, order, or patron. After Millennium Statistics “crunches the data,” library staff can view visual interpretations of the data and even display various slices of the data for further clarity.

With Web Management Reports, any staff member can get a quick picture of critical library activities from an internet browser. The system provides colorful charts and graphs that paint an easy-to-understand picture of circulation numbers, vendor and fund activity, authentication information, collection development data, and online catalog usage.

Millennium Administration gives systems librarians and IT staff quick access to code changes, network access reports, and options for changing behaviors and graphics on the public access catalog.

Your library’s statistical information is the fuel that powers the decisions that make your library work smarter. That's why Innovative recognizes the need for it to be easily accessible—so all kinds of staff in all areas of the library stay poised to respond to any challenge.

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