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For circulating materials like books, INN-Reach is the ultimate in resource sharing for libraries—whether or not they're part of a formal consortium arrangement. INN-Reach's one-touch fulfillment transforms resource sharing between libraries, making it faster and more cost-effective than any other method, while exponentially increasing items available to their users. One-touch fulfillment eliminates layers of processing, significantly reducing the staff time it takes to process a loan request. INN-Reach also leverages the information in the central database to automatically locate the best possible loaning library for the fastest turnaround possible.

Patrons love the convenient request options that INN-Reach offers. They can make easy online catalog requests right from a bibliographic record in an online catalog or from a consortial union database. Commuting and distance education students can take advantage of PickUp Anywhere, an option that allows them to pick up and return materials at any consortium library that wants to participate.

INN-Reach expands libraries' collections and facilitates resource sharing in a climate where resources are limited and users expect fast results. No wonder INN-Reach consortia move millions of books a year in academic, public, and mixed consortia. It's simple, powerful, and INN-Reach handles everything!

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