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Products Overview

About Our Products

At Innovative, we’re experts at putting both new and proven technologies into practice, and we have the loyal customer base and suite of products to prove it. Innovative’s products are a reflection of our company’s expertise and the energies of our partners, who work with us to develop products and fine-tune the overall technology direction of their libraries. Our products deliver ILS workflows that keep libraries up and running with millions of transactions a month, along with the latest technologies that provide exciting features for library users and the options that let library staff put their imagination to work.

Sierra Services Platform

The Sierra Services Platform is Innovative’s new strategic direction in library-system development. Combining complete ILS functionality with the power and scale of modern software architecture, Sierra will provide libraries with freedom and scalability that will carry them into the next decade. Sierra development is guided by the principles of open access, flexible deployment through services-based design, accelerated device adoption, cloud computing options, and more.


Choose the Millennium integrated library system (ILS) as the backbone of your library operations, and you’ve got a dynamic solution that’s loaded with staff productivity tools. Add modules to increase system power where you need it. For example, Innovative’s eProducts suite keeps electronic information completely under library control and fully available to library users in real time.

Encore Synergy

From just a single search, Encore Synergy delivers complete content and powerful discovery tools that help your users succeed at every turn. Encore presents your full range of resources—books, articles, local digital collections, consortia holdings and other sources—in a one-search environment built for today’s Web user. Break free of the limitations of aggregated databases and content-vendor limitations with the only real-time, library-focused solution on the marketplace. Write the Encore Team today at info@encoreforlibraries.com.

Electronic Resource Management

Whether your library is mostly books or essentially digital, users love the convenience and speed of e-journals. With Electronic Resource Management you have everything to effectively manage and present electronic holdings and make the most out of your library’s e-resource dollar.

Decision Center

For libraries wanting to optimize resource allocation and make collection management workflows more efficient, Decision Center is your comprehensive collection management solution. Decision Center takes you beyond statistics with tools that provide valuable action recommendations to make your library more effective than ever.

Content Pro

Content Pro is the digital asset management system that makes archives, special collections, and other digital materials visible and accessible to the widest possible audience on the Web. With its intuitive Web-based submission forms, powerful search interface, and harvestable metadata design, Content Pro provides a complete solution to your digital collection publishing needs.

Resource Sharing

Because today’s library service has to be cost-effective, Innovative has built resource sharing tools such as ArticleReach and INN-Reach that have, quite simply, defined staff efficiency and speed for over a decade.

If you’d like to learn more about our products, please talk to us about your library-technology direction.



Innovative creates cutting-edge products that allow libraries to succeed in a modern technology environment.
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