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Millennium Cataloging provides your staff with the tools needed to create, edit, and refine the information that describes your collections. This fully integrated staff module allows for precise metadata handling, in-client connection to vendors and content providers, and flexible reporting. Cataloging lets staff work how they want to rather than locking them in to a given workflow. Staff can also add seamless handling of non-MARC standards like OAI-PMH by integrating Innovative’s MetaData Builder product.

The built-in Millennium Editor provides either guided record creation or work forms that cater to expert catalogers. At the touch of a button, Create Lists provides customized reports on anything catalogers want to know about the database—without leaving the client or relying on systems administrators. And to make database maintenance and authority control easy, Global Update allows staff to alter large numbers of records in a single stroke.

With libraries providing a wide variety of print and digital materials and staff time at a premium, cataloging features have to be user friendly and powerfully simple. For example, Automatic Authority Control keeps your database clean, while Millennium Scheduler makes library-selected updates without staff intervention. In short, Innovative designed Millennium Cataloging for ease and efficiency without compromising an ounce of functionality.

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