January 24, 2013

Innovative Commits to Early Adoption of the Digital Public Library of America Initiative

Emeryville, CA—Innovative announced today a development initiative to integrate access of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) large-scale digital public library collections into the Encore Synergy platform. Encore Synergy will harness the open DPLA discovery framework to provide users with a seamless, single-search experience of the digitized materials aggregated from the various universities, public libraries, and other organizations participating with the DPLA initiative.

"The Digital Public Library of America is delighted that Innovative Interfaces is making use of the DPLA's open platform as it develops the next generation of its services," said John Palfrey, president of the Board of Directors of the DPLA, Inc. "The DPLA is designed as a public-private initiative, where we view open APIs, open code, open content, and open metadata as essential to the future of libraries, archives, and museums. We strongly encourage companies to follow the lead of Innovative Interfaces to make use of these open resources, in the public interest."

Scheduled for initial operation in April 2013, the DPLA is the culmination of a two-year grassroots community goal to create and maintain a free, open, and sustainable national digital library resource. Content and resources contributed by existing repositories, or funded by the DPLA, will be placed in the public domain and include books, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts, digital text, and audiovisual materials.

"With Encore Synergy, libraries provide a single-search of electronic articles, ebooks, local books, and digital collections," says Gene Shimshock, Innovative Senior Vice President of Product and Market Management. "With the vast, content-rich metadata now offered through the DPLA, Encore Synergy becomes even more powerful in its ability to deliver content and enhances the specialized search experience that libraries have designed."

About the Digital Public Library of America

The DPLA is taking the first concrete steps toward the realization of a large-scale digital public library that will make the cultural and scientific record available to all. This impact-oriented research effort unites leaders from all types of libraries, museums, and archives with educators, industry, and government to define the vision for a digital library in service of the American public. More information can be found at http://dp.la.

Title of press release updated 1/24/13 at 2pm PST.