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Strategic Partnerships

Today's libraries operate in a technology environment that includes dozens of opportunities for improving service and workflow. Innovative's partnerships allow strategic interfacing to many vendors within Millennium makes this possible, and gives libraries the choice to implement the solution that works best.

3M Academic Book Center bulletAdLibris bulletAmazon.com bulletAmbassador Book Service bulletAskews Library Services bulletBaker & Taylor bulletBasch bulletBibliotheca bulletBlackwell's bulletBokhandel AB bulletBook Wholesalers, Inc. bulletBowker bulletBrodart bulletBWI bulletCarswell bulletComprise Technologies bulletCoutts bulletD.A. Information Services bulletDawson Books bulletEastern Book Service bulletEBSCO bulletEmery Pratt bulletEncyclopedia Britannica bulletEnvisionWare bulletH.W. Wilson bulletHarrassowitz bulletHein bulletIngram bulletJames Bennett Pty. Ltd. bulletJapan Publications, Ltd. bulletLibramation bulletLibrary Services Software bulletLibreria Nardecchia srl bulletMajors Scientific bulletMathews Medical Books/Matthews Book Company bulletMcGregor Books bullet Midwest Library Service bulletMidwest Tape bulletnetLibrary bulletOverDrive bulletPuvill Libros S.A. bulletQuality Books Inc./Paperbacks bulletR.R. Bowker bulletReal Read bulletSwets Blackwell bulletSyndetic Solutions bulletThe Book House bulletW.S. Hein & Co/Rothman bulletWT.Cox Subscriptions bulletYankee Book Peddler

As part of our commitment to offering a full, turnkey solution, Innovative is a reseller for or supports the products of the following companies: Apple, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lantronix, Okidata, and Oracle.

Please contact us for more information on Innovative's strategic partnerships.

Innovative's partnerships ensure that libraries have the latest and most reliable productivity tools available.
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